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Welcome to Rei’s Eportfolio! This is about three reliable informations (Trapped Underground, Indonesian Volcano Explosion, Afghanistan War) and three stereotypes (Wrong Fact About Black Death, Relation Between 9/11 Terror And Number 11, 10 Wrong Facts). Have Fun~!

  Reliable Information – Trapped underground

On August, 5th, thirty-three miners in San Jose mine were trapped underground because the entrance collapsed. It was quite hot: 30 degrees Celsius. The rescuers drilled the rocks that blocked the passage that connects the mine and the outside. On August 22nd, the rescuers found the note that said in big red letters: “We 33 of us are well.” This was an exceptional because the rescuers thought that there will be no survivals in that mine. They had survived by stretching their two-day emergency food supplies over more than two weeks. But the hardship came. The rescuers had to take all the minors to the outside. The experts estimated that it will take approximately four months to rescue the miners. While the rescuers were digging the ground to save the miners, the miners sent letters to their relatives and family, and they also called with the others outside-but only one minute for each miner. Once, the officials sent down a mini TV so the miners could watch a soccer match. When everyone was ready to save the miners in October, the rescuers rescued the miners one by one. The leader of the miners said that he is going to stay until everyone is rescued to the ground level safely. It took an hour to save a miner. Finally, all the miners were rescued without any diseases or injuries!

This is reliable information, because this information is based on facts, not a personal opinion. I chose this category because this can give the others a lesson to cooperate in group, and not to panic if they are in trouble. This is one of the miracles in the whole history, and others can learn the leader’s leadership. The cooperation (doing things together) is one of the best ways to survive.

  Reliable Information – Indonesian Volcano Explosion 

On Sunday, October 31st, the most volatile volcano exploded. The people panic when they came from the mountain to check the crops and livestock. Indonesia sent the troops to check the mountain but fortunately the mountain became quiet after it exploded. The Indonesian Red Cross said that at least 36 people had died since the mountain started to spew the ashes and sear the gas. But the worse thing is that there were major earthquakes and tsunamis hit Mentawai islands, Indonesia. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited the areas Thursday and told survivors that the government is doing everything it can. The European Union donated $2 000 000 (two million dollars) for the Indonesian who survived those two heavy disasters. European aid Chief Kristalina Georgieva said that the money will help about 65,000 tsunami survivors in the Mentawai islands and 22,000 eruption survivors in central Java.

This is reliable information, because this happened actually. It is a real disaster that had happened in Indonesia. I chose this category because we should feel luck that we are living here peacefully without any natural disasters happening. We should know that there are many people having trouble dealing with the disasters. We should donate money for the survivals and others who got injuries and lost their property: Crops, livestock, money, family, and home. I just wish that they can have a better life after the explosion.

  Reliable Information – The Afghanistan War (2001-present)

     On September 11th, 2001, there was a great terror in USA, known as 9/11 Terror. Two World Trade Center were hit by the airplanes controlled by the Afghanistan terrorists, al-Qaeda. About 3000 victims died including 19 hijackers. The US civilians were shocked. The US government tried to arrest the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden Ayman al-Zawahiriv from Afghanistan but Afghanistan rejected. The US President, George W. Bush did the declaration of war (telling others that they will war with other country). The war started in 2001. This war is still continuing. Canada and other countries supported US Army. Many of them died and Afghanistan did not agree to let USA to arrest the leaders of al-Qaeda. Now, the US government agreed that the soldiers are allowed to kill the leaders of al-Qaeda if they cannot arrest them.

     It is reliable information because this is based on facts (It is happening right now!). I chose this category because I wanted to tell that there still is a war going on killing many soldiers. There shouldn’t be any more war. There shouldn’t be any more injured and died victims because of the war. I wish that this war will finish and never happen again.

   Stereotype – Wrong Fact About Black Death 

Many people believe that the disease that killed 60% of Europeans during 1347~1350, Black Death (pest), started to kill people because of the mice. But it is wrong! The flea of the mice was the problem. According to Wikipedia, it says: “The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1348 and 1350. It is widely thought to have been an outbreak of bubonic plague caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, although this view has been challenged by a number of scholars. Thought to have started in China, it traveled along the Silk Road and had reached the Crimea by 1346. From there, probably carried by fleas residing on the black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships, it spread throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. The Black Death caused large black swellings on the body.”

It is stereotype; because this is wrong information that other people might think it is correct. I chose this category because I was shocked when I asked to the others if the Black Death is caused by mice or fleas of mice, mostly answered: “Dude, it is caused by mice,” “Of course, it is the mice’s fault to killed the people during that[14th century] time,” and “Mice! Yeah, mice did.” I told them that it is a wrong answer and they kept on saying like this: “No.” I wanted to make others to know the correct information about Black Death.

  Stereotype – Relationship between 9/11 Terror and number ‘11’

     This rumor about the September 11th Attack and the number 11 started after the 9/11 Terror. There is a number ‘11’ in the name, 9/11 Terror. If you add the digits of 9/11 Terror, it is 9+1+1=11. Also, there were exactly 111 days left until the last day of 2001, December 31st. The name of the first airplane crashed into the World Trade Center is AA11 and there were 92 passengers in that airplane. If you add the digits of 92, it is like this: 9+2=11. The second airplane that crashed into the World Trade Center had 65 passengers. If you add the digits of 65, it is like this: 6+5=11. And the suspected person, the leader of al-Qaeda is from Afghanistan. Afghanistan has 11 letters: A, f, g, h, a, n, i, s, t, a, n; and the shape of the World Trade Center was likely number 11. Many experts said that this is the stupid, unreasonable stereotype but people who believed it still think that there must be a great relationship between 11 and the 9/11 Terror.

     This is stereotype because this is just a made-up belief about the number ‘11’ and the September 11th Attack. I chose this category because it was quite awesome but to tell that this is still stereotype. This was a great match, but this is unreasonable rumor. I once told about this to my school classmate in Korea and he said, “How unreasonable joke this is!” How do you think about the relationship between the number ‘11’ and 9/11 Terror?

  Stereotype – 10 Wrong Facts 

     Myth 1: Catholic priests cannot be married. Wrong. The priests are allowed marrying but the married priests are not allowed becoming a bishop.

     Myth 2: St Bernard Dogs carried or carry flasks of brandy around their necks. St Bernard dogs have never been used to carry small barrels of brandy around his neck in order to revive people lost in the snowy mountains. In fact, alcohol can make hypothermia worse so the whole idea is not just made up – it is dangerous.

     Myth 3: Coffee can help sober a person up. Not true. Alcohol is metabolized by the body at a constant rate (one unit of around eight grams per hour) and you can’t do anything to make it happen faster. Beer contains two units of alcohol per pint, so if you drink two pints, it will take four hours for your blood alcohol level to return to zero. All coffee will do is make you a wide-awake drunk, just as a cold shower will make you a wet drunk. All you can do is settle down and wait for the effects to pass naturally.

     Myth 4: Haggis is Scottish. False, Haggis (the tasty dish of minced lamb’s heart, lungs, and liver) is an import to Scotland – most likely from Scandinavia long before Scotland was even a nation.

     Myth 5: Spinach makes you strong – like Popeye the Sailor man! The myth comes from the fact that spinach is high in iron – but spinach is actually not very high in iron. This part of the myth comes from a handwriting error in 1870 when a Doctor Wolf accidentally put a decimal point in the wrong place and made it look like Spinach had 10 times more iron that it really has.

     Myth 6: The Great Fire of London in 1666 ended the Great Plague in 1665. It is true that the Great Plague ended after the Great Fire of London mysteriously but there is no relationship with the Great Fire of London.

     Myth 7: Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and didn’t drink alcohol. Hitler did prefer the diet of vegetables, but he had strong fondness for German Sausage and ham. His drink of choice was beer or watered-wine.

     Myth 8: Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. The telephone is invented 15 years earlier by Philipp Reis, a German inventor. His device was demonstrated in 1861

     Myth 9: Aluminum is an American corruption of the correct word ‘Aluminium.’ In 1808, Sir Humphrey Davy isolates the metal for the first time. He names it: alumium, but in 1812, he decided to change the name into aluminum – USA adopted this name, but the British scientists disliked this name and renamed it: aluminium to match the other classical sound of elements. Still, USA and other countries pronounce this aluminum.

     Myth 10: Classical statues and buildings were finished in white stone or marble. If you think of Greek, you will think about the beautiful white statues, but these are painted in 1900s. If you take a look at 1800s, the statues and buildings weren’t white and beautiful. There are still marks of paint on the statues.

These are stereotype because these 10 facts are wrong. I chose this category because these ten facts are the facts that many Canadians are misunderstanding. There are some funny facts like myth 5. These facts are meant to be memorized by people who believed the wrong myths. I never knew that those myths were wrong.

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